Monday, February 16, 2009

How To: Use Google Code as a Maven Repository

While working on my new Flexins Project and blogging accordingly, I decided to explore using Maven and Flex-Mojos to build the libraries and showcase applications. I have a local install of Nexus, where I hide away most of the complexity that would otherwise be in my settings.xml files. I typically deploy to this repo for my own benefit where I might chose to make it public in the future so I can work on stuff (drag in deps) from anywhere. However, it is not a viable option if my or your aim is to truly make one's binaries publicly available (saving the curious the trouble of a compiling source). Some how I stumbled on to Don Brown's Weblog, where he talks about turning a Google Code project, that is the site itself with its SVN, into a Maven repository. I have not yet done this myself, but the details are here. Cheers

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